Product Engineering & e-Business Development

Developing software for commercial purposes comes with a number of challenges. Besides building a quality product that customers would pay for, additional challenges include concerns over platform compatibility, compliance to privacy laws, copyright and IP protection, the need to make product configurable to changing user needs, need to design-for-usability and many others.

The Agilesys team has experience working with a range of commercial product firms which include enterprise software firms, SaaS firms, technology platform providers, e-business organizations, etc.

Agilesys offers a full range of product engineering services which include:

  • New product development
  • Product re-engineering
  • Product QA/testing
  • Professional services implementation
  • Product reverse-engineering
  • Technical authoring and eLearning content development

The Agilesys team has developed commercial software products in a range of custom development programming platforms such as Microsoft .Net, Microsoft BI stack, Java/J2EE, RubyOnRails, GroovyOnGrails, LAMP, PHP, Perl, Python, etc.

The Agilesys team has experience with a range of tools/technologies relevant to product-based firms such as:

Tool driven development – product development firms posed with complex source code structure, heterogeneous platform needs and shrinking product development cycles rely heavily on tools to accelerate and simplify their software development lifecycle. Agilesys team has experience with a range of software development tools such as version control tools, unit testing tools, continuous build tools, automated testing tools, performance engineering tools, etc

Model driven development – product development firms leverage a model driven approach to keeping the documentation and the code in sync with user requirements. Agilesys team has experience with a range of modeling and design tools such as Rational, Power Designer, ERWin that enables true model driven development.

Commercial, proprietary and open source frameworks/tools – In order to improve re-use and reduce overall time-to-market, product development organizations develop in-house frameworks or leverage external commercial/open source frameworks. Agilesys team has helped it’s clients develop/deploy a number of proprietary, commercial and open source application development frameworks in the areas of web development, enterprise integration, web services, large scale data analytics, ETL tools, etc.

Agile development methodology – Agile methodology is commonly used within product engineering organizations to reduce time-to-market, improve communication between product management and product engineering teams and to reduce the overall cost of delivery of commercial products. Agilesys team has led the transformation of a number of product engineering organizations into Agile organizations. Again, Agilesys offers strategic advisory services such as Agile roadmap development, Agile tools implementation, Agile mentoring, Agile pilot execution, etc.

Contemporary leading-edge technology expertise – Most matured product firms are “updating” their software products with contemporary technologies such as Web 2.0, mobile development, social media integration, SaaS transformation, etc. Agilesys team has experience both designing as well implementing within all of these leading-edge technology areas.