Full Service Mobile Design and Development

We believe mobile development is more than apps. One-size does not fit all. Similarly, businesses need different type of applications to engage different type of audience. Consumer-facing mobile products must be rich and engaging, while internal apps must be secure and efficient. Our Mobile Development approach is different and unique than other companies. We not only provide you the development capability but also help you to define the right mobile strategy for your business –
  • Articulating the Mobile value add for understanding the Target audience
  • Choice of Development Approach – Top down or bottom up
  • Mobile solution testing approach – Device. Carrier. Backend systems.
  • How market trends affect your solution space
Our mobile development capabilities include:
  • Building mobile applications in a range of domains/functional areas: Mobile commerce, mobile learning, mobile media, location-aware portals, workforce automation, facilities mgmt, employee communication
  • Mobile application development for a number of platforms/technologies: iPhone, Adroid, Symbian, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Brew, WAP, Oracle ADF, .Net Compact Framework
  • Development using different mobile “architecture”: Mobile Web, Mobile Thick Client App, Mobile Web Service, Mobile Cross-Platform
  • Experience with common issues related to mobile development: Web-services integration, GPS integration, battery management, device detection, image resizing, codecs, network management, offline data and synchronization, cross-platform development, integration to social platforms
  • Strong experience of testing Mobile applications: Cross-platform testing, performance/load/stress testing, automated testing