Innovation Services

Client Needs


Many entrepreneurs have great ideas and enjoy the fast pace of developing products, identifying opportunities, and making deals. Some of their biggest challenges arise when they need to actually design, build and operate their business. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, you may be asking yourself:
  • Do I really need to give part of my company away?
  • How can I quickly generate sales to help pay all these bills?
  • Are my management team members the right people?
  • What should I do next?
If you’re a “serial entrepreneur” you may want to determine why you’re “serial” in the first place. Many of these entrepreneurs move from opportunity to opportunity without really building the type of business and level of success they want. Serial entrepreneurs usually find themselves asking:
  • Which past mistakes should I avoid making again?
  • Where are my greatest business risks?
  • Why can’t I find the time to be proactive and reactive?
  • What should I do next?

C-Level Executives

Senior executives have been facing some of their toughest challenges in the past few years. Any attempts to innovate, grow or introduce a new product or service are met with financial issues and lack of organizational support. While many companies are just trying to “keep the lights on”, others are reaching out for temporary assistance to achieve their goals. Some of their other challenges include:
  • How can I make a difference and not risk my job in the process?
  • How can anything get accomplished without access to the right resources?
  • Do our internal processes support innovation and growth?
  • Is this a safe environment for our personnel to offer suggestions?

Technology Founders

Many of our clients have a solid background in technology and technology products. They put that background to use inventing, designing, building and testing a variety of products. Their biggest challenge has been supplementing their work with the necessary skills, processes and plans to achieve their business goals. Most of these clients find themselves asking:
  • How can my product be simplified so others can understand it?
  • Is my demonstration too technical to motivate others to buy?
  • Who can I trust to provide me with the proper guidance?
  • Can I get some quick sales to minimize my need for financing?


As an investor, you want to do everything you can to ensure your risk is minimized, your investment is safe, and your expected rate of return is almost a certainty. Many investors believe success is achieved when the “deal is done” or financing is established. Real success should be defined when the company involved reaches their first sale, their first million dollars in revenue, their first acquisition, and their first public offering. The primary difference in perspective is on either short-term benefit or long-term gain. Many of the services offered by Agilesys address what most investors know is important, but aren’t able or willing to address. The days of investing and “hoping” everything will be okay are long gone.