Accelerating Long-Distance High-Latency Data Transport

CVS/Caremark: SANSlide exceeded customer expectations

Problem: The transport of daily backup files between East Coast and West Coast data centers on an OC12 circuit was taking too long, did not meet compliance goals, and was cost prohibitive. Tapes were sent to Iron Mountain for offsite retention causing recovery times in days, not hours. Solution: A SANSlide device was installed at each end of the network with no additional storage requirements. The installation took less than five minutes and was connected directly to storage devices on an existing, non-dedicated network. “The implementation was so successful that we put it into production almost immediately. Depending upon network conditions, performance was improved a minimum of 10 times and up to 50 times. We achieved almost immediate ROI. SANSlide has proven to be rock solid and problem-free.” Don Lutes, CVS/Caremark Click for CVS Case Study in PDF

Pilot Baseline

  • Throughput: 50GB in 12 hours
  • Performance: 1.5MB/second
  • Disaster Recovery: Two days under ideal conditions
  • Only single incremental backups could be completed within the daily window
Pilot Results
  • Throughput: 50GB reduced to 45 minutes
  • Peformance: Achieved 55 MB/second
  • Disaster Recovery: Improved Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to less than five hours
  • Daily full backups now achievable
Independent Validation SANSlide Resellers