Independent Third-Party Testing

GCH and Vicom independent, third-party testing confirmed the effectiveness of SANSlide’s unique latency mitigation techniques.



  • A series of tests were conducted on behalf of Vicom by senior staff from GCH in their UK offices.
  • GCH is a highly-respected independent SAN consulting firm that advises some of the largest companies in Europe.
  • The object of the test was to prove the functionality and efficiency of the SANSlide product when transferring Fibre Channel data across high latency loss networks.


  • Better than 50X improvement compared to a standard TCP/IP transfer
  • Point “A” is exactly the same test carried out with 10ms of delay but with the SANSlide artificial intelligence turned off. The throughput was 14MB/second.
  • Point “B” is where the addition of 1% packet loss was simulated. This caused the throughput to drop to less than 1MB/second.
  • Point “C” is where the artificial intelligence was initiated and SANSlide automatically optimized the connection. The throughput recovered from almost zero to 50MB/second.


  • The ability of SANSlide to offset the devastating effects that even a small percentage of packet loss can cause to throughput.
  • That the SANSlide solution was totally automated and required no human intervention – it was self-configuring and self-managing.
  • That the artificial intelligence adjusted the connection hundreds of times a second searching constantly for the best possible performance.