Overcoming Effects of Latency

SANSlide doesn’t change the data, it uses patented artificial intelligence to “fill” the TCP/IP pipe with hundreds of virtual, autonomous connections.

  • Improves performance by 50X or more
  • Uses patented artificial intelligence to “fill the pipe”
  • Is self-configuring and self-managing
  • Operates on block-level data below the OS
  • Uses standard TCP/IP and small memory buffers
  • Bridges and translates protocols for Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SCSI, SAS
  • Allows remote devices to appear local
  • Allows global mesh relay acceleration
  • Provides inherent data security
  • Provides 120-day ROI
  • Supports all major storage manufacturers
  • Supports any data compression, encryption or deduplication product installed in the environment
SANSlide does not:
  • Compress data
  • Use deduplication
  • Operate at the file-level above the OS
  • Use UDP
  • Modify TCP/IP
  • Use hard drive caching
SANSlide fills the pipe without dedupping or compressing the data. It’s the next generation for solving the latency problem in a new world of big, unstructured data. It’s latency-busting artificial intelligence software and devices allow almost near real-time remote replication across vast distances. It utilizes standard TCP/IP protocols, bridges across all major storage manufacturers and creates relay acceleration across multiple, global data centers. That’s why Bridgeworks was invited to present at IBM’s Storage and Networking Innovation Centre in Hursley, UK. That’s why SANSlide is receiving industry accolades.