Accelerating Medical Image Transport

QCM, Agilesys, and Bridgeworks Accelerate Remote Medical Image Data Transport By 50X

QCM proved they can accelerate medical image data transport over TCP/IP and reduce the effects of latency and packet loss by transferring 300 MB of data from 13 minutes to 15 seconds

Problem: The transport of a single 300MB DICOM format medical image took 13 minutes with 40 ms of latency. Solution: SANSlide devices were connected to iSCSI storage containing the medical imagery. The installation took less than five minutes, the full image was transported in 15 seconds without pre-compression, and the images were made available using a DICOM image viewer. “My engineer conducted a proof-of-concept with DICOM format medical images. SANSlide will speed medical image transport by up to 50X without data compression or losing a single block of critical data. The combination of acceleration and bridging across storage protocols and device types solves a long-term problem for the industry. We are excited to have this new tool in our medical industry solution offerings.” – Wally Christofferson, Vice President, QCM Technologies        

Use Cases and Return on Investment

– Accelerate movement of stored medical image data that cannot be compressed
– Allow low-cost TCP/IP medical image transfer between cross-country datacenters and local offices
– Speed up data movement required to support near real-time diagnostics and analysis
– Enable full data copy from imaging equipment that creates large volumes of data
– Translate between different storage protocols (iSCSI, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel) across distance
– Extend useful life of current infrastructure investments and defer additional bandwidth upgrades