Accelerating Industry-Leading Backup and Recovery Software Performance

Custom Storage, Agilesys, and Bridgeworks Accelerate CommVault Backups By 50X

Custom Storage proved they can accelerate CommVault backups over distance and increased throughput from 3 hours to 3 minutes.

“I installed the SANSlide appliance on a 1Gbe network and saw immediate improvement in CommVault throughput and data transfer time. It is exciting to be able to bring such an ingenious solution to our customers and prospects that struggle with long distance backup, recovery, archival, and retention. I can predict the potential time savings and integration approach by asking just a few questions to my clients. The installation scenarios are clear and span multiple industries.” – Toby Chadwell, Senior Engineer, Custom Storage

Use Cases and Return on Investment

  • Extend the geographic reach of CommVault Replication to support offsite disaster recovery
  • Allow low-cost TCP/IP backup and near immediate data recovery between cross-country datacenters and local offices
  • Easily add block-level data transport acceleration to Simpana 9 deduplication and encryption
  • Enable remote backup to locations where the storage protocols differ (iSCSI, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel)
  • Extend features of CommVault platform investment and defer incremental bandwidth upgrades