Accelerating Digital Cinematography and HD Video Transport

Sky Bucket 3D, Agilesys, and Bridgeworks proved they can accelerate the transport of digital cinematography and HD video data over thousands of miles using low-cost TCP/IP networks by 50X

Use Cases and Return on Investment

  • Accelerate movement digital motion picture imagery that cannot be compressed
  • Allow low-cost TCP/IP digital asset transport between global set locations and post-production
  • Speed up data movement required to support near real-time analysis and editing
  • Enable full data copy from innovative 4K equipment that creates large volumes of data
  • Translate between different storage protocols (iSCSI, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel) across distance
  • Collapse the production workflow and turnaround time for color grading, dailies, and post-production
“Engineers from Agilesys, Bridgeworks, and Sky Bucket 3D conducted a proof-of-concept with digital imagery from a recent production. SANSlide has the capability to speed the transport of digital imagery by up to 50X from near-set to post-production facilities across the country. New digital cinematography cameras including the ARRI, Canon C300, Red’s Epic, and the Sony F65 can generate a terabyte an hour of raw imagery. SANSlide solves the problem of getting this large image data from multiple locations to post-production as quickly as possible.” – Scott Cedarleaf, CEO, Sky Bucket 3D