Accelerating Data Transport By 100X without Deduplication or Compression

Custom Storage, Agilesys, and Bridgeworks Accelerate Block Level Data Transport By 100X without Deduplication or Compression

Custom Storage proved they can “turbo-charge” their customers’ TCP/IP data transport and reduce the effects of latency and packet loss – an 8 GB transfer of data went from 8 hours to 5 minutes.

“My engineering team installed the SANSlide product and within minutes and the proof-of-concept was clear – SANSlide will speed our clients’ data transport by up to 100X using artificial intelligence. The data did not have to be compressed or dedupped to achieve these results. The combination of acceleration and bridging across storage protocols and device types is unique in the marketplace. Very innovative product.” – Pete Schmitt, VP Engineering, Custom Storage

Use Cases and Return on Investment

  • Accelerate movement of stored data that cannot be compressed such as medical images, GIS images, video files, and digital media
  • Extend useful life of current infrastructure investments and defer additional bandwidth upgrades
  • Allow low-cost TCP/IP transfer between cross-country datacenters and local offices
  • Speed up data movement required to support near real-time business analytics
  • Enable full data copy from equipment that creates large volumes of data
  • Translate between different storage protocols (iSCSI, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel)