Business and IT Benefits

SANSlide dramatically reduces the effects of latency over long distance

As data moves across wide-area networks, TCP/IP response delay causes latency. Even small amounts of latency create dramatic negative impacts on performance. Telecommunications engineers know all too well that when transporting data within or across states, throughput on the network can drop by 90-95%. Generally, a 1Gbe pipe will only produce 2-3MB/second of data transport when faced with 20-40 milliseconds of latency. Packet loss causes additional issues and degrades performance as TCP/IP attempts to recover lost blocks of data.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Maximize current investment in telecommunications: Defer the upgrade of just one OC3 to an OC12 circuit halfway across the US and save on average $125K per year. Two SANSlide 100 devices will “fill the existing pipe” with less than a 120-day ROI. Save time on critical business functions: Accelerating data transport between company locations facilitates business growth in every industry. The ability to consolidate large amounts of data for analysis allows better and more timely decisions. The time to get the raw data to a central location for post-production is accelerated by 50-100X. Create new approaches to common IT problems: Near real-time remote replication allows innovative approaches for business continuity and disaster recovery. IT professionals now have new alternatives for how, where, and when applications and infrastucture are deployed across a global network as data transport is no longer the gating factor.