bridgeworkslogo2Big Data, Long Distances Time Is Money Don’t Change the Data Use ALL of the Pipe              

Agilesys is the authorized distributor for the Bridgeworks’ SANSlide product in North and South America.  The time and cost of moving “big data” using TCP/IP is a pervasive issue for both large and small companies.  Data transport and distribution has become the gating factor in a wide range of industries including medical, financial services, media and entertainment, heavy industry, engineering, and multi-national companies.  Nearly every company has common needs in business continuity, disaster recovery, transport over long distances, and reducing IT costs. SANSlide accelerates global data transport by 50X – 100X using patented artificial intelligence to “fill the pipe” using standard TCP/IP.  SANSlide devices install seamlessly on existing WANs, LANs, and private networks to create multiple, virtual autonomous connections.  SANSlide bridges multiple storage protocols including iSCSI, SCSI, Fibre Channel, and SAS.  Companies see their return on investment in SANSlide in weeks not years. If you interested in being a SANSlide reseller or technology alliance partner in North America or South America, please contact Agilesys via email at or 1.855.5AGILESYS  (1.855.524.4537).